The Good Wine is from France. The Merlot grapes are coming
From the Languedoc and the Sauvignon Blanc grapes come partly from South West
France and partly from the Languedoc.

Robert Eden has these organic grapes for us
Selected and the wines made especially for The Good Wine. There we are
Very proud of!

The wine is according to one
Traditional method made with great respect for nature. The wine is made from organically grown grapes. As for the further process: this
happens with an experienced team in a traditional way. For example, the grapes for the Merlot were picked in the morning, at 4 o'clock in the morning. This is to keep the grapes as fresh as possible.

The Sauvignon Blanc grapes were picked at the end of August and the Merlot grapes at the beginning of September.

The wine is made from organically grown grapes. This
means that fertilizer in the vineyards has not been used and that the grapes are not sprayed with chemical pesticides.

Robert Eden has paid a lot of attention to quality
of the grape and biological management.

To supervise this biological process, the
Organization Skal, which you can recognize by their green bio logo on the back of our wine bottle. Skal supervises the entire chain of organic production and only when they have checked everything, Skal issues a certificate with which you can demonstrate that you have a 100% organic product

There are no animal during the production of The Good Wine
means used. In some wines, animal proteins are added to clear the wine. Clares is a method to get the wine from a cloudy liquid to a clear liquid. Some winemakers use Bentonite, a natural type of clay for clearing wine. However, the quality of our grapes is so good that nothing was needed for the wine
to clear.

The Good Wine is Skal certified, which is why we can feed the green skal bio logo on our bottle.

No, the good wine is 100% plastic -free!

We cannot guarantee that every depicted label is in every box. There are always different labels in a box, only some labels are sometimes double.

No, unfortunately, we only offer boxes of 6 bottles. This way we make even more impact and keep the use of packaging material low.


We are very transparent about that and we would like to let this confirm annually by our partners: The Good Roll Foundation & Made Blue. We also publish the reports on our website.


That's annoying! It may be that your package was delivered while you were not at home. You can schedule a new delivery time via the Budbee app! If this does not work, do not send us a letter, but an email to info@thegoodwine.nl, also saves paper again :) And we solve it!

That is of course not the intention and we are happy to solve that quickly. Send an email to info@thegoodwine.nl and we provide a solution.

Noooooo we are already sorry!

We hope you don't have them of course, but you can always submit a complaint
throughinfo@thegoodwine.nl .
Complaints may be about everything, both about our product and about our
Services. We will respond to your complaint within 14 days.

Sausage case scenario; You are not satisfied with handling your complaint and
We can't get out of it together. In this case we would like to refer you to
The European ODR, see below.

Are you not satisfied with the handling of your complaint?Then you can
submit these to the Thuiswinkel Disputes Committee, PO Box 90600, 2509 LP
in The Hague (www.sgc.nl† You can also have your complaint
submit to the Disputes Committee via the European ODR platform (http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/).


The delivery of The Good Wine is done by Budbee. The moment the order has been received, our wines get started with the order.

The vast majority of orders that are received before 12:00 will be delivered the next working day. It may happen that this does not work, but your order is almost always there within 72 hours!

Yes, of course! If your order has left our warehouse you will receive an email with a track & trace code. This gives you the most up-to-date delivery information of your package.

We deliver The Good Wine throughout the Netherlands to your home (physical address requires) very handy!

The shipping costs (per order, regardless of number of products) are:

The Netherlands: € 4.95 (Budbee) - € 5.49 (DHL)
Germany: € 5.95
Belgium: € 5.95
France: € 9.95
Sweden: € 4.00
England: € 3.99


The ordering process is as follows:
Step 1: Choose your favorite good wine product in our shop.
Step 2: Choose the number of boxes that you would like to receive from us. Click Add. The button changes and now says: "To shopping cart", click again.
Step 3: Check on the new page if you have not forgotten anything. Click on order.
Step 4: Time for business. Enter your data correctly, choose your payment method & shipping method, agree with the terms and conditions and click on Payment.
Step 5: pay and your goodies will be with you shortly!

Yes, make an appointment via mail!

No, for a one -off order you only have to enter your address details and it is arranged!

You can pay with us with:

- Ideal:
With this payment method you can handle the payment directly with your own bank during the ordering process. You pay in your trusted internet payment environment, based on specific security methods from your own bank. If you are already telebankiert, you can immediately use iDEAL, without having to register for it.

- Credit card:
You can also pay your order by credit card (MasterCard/Eurocard, Visa and American Express). No additional transaction costs are calculated. You only pay the costs that your credit card company calculates to you. Payments with credit cards go, just like with the other payment methods, via a safe server. This means that your credit card details are sent encrypted. The data is so coded that it is impossible for third parties to decipher it during transport. Your credit card details, such as the number and the expiry date, will of course not be stored by us.

- Afterwards payment with Klarna:
When paying with Klarna you can also opt for the Pay afterwards option. When completing your purchase, Klarna pays the seller for you and the money will only be debited from your bank account after 21 days

- Bancontact:
With Bancontact/Mister Cash you pay online safely and quickly. Choose this payment method, enter your card number and expiration date and you will be automatically led to the trusted site of your bank. On this site you can check the amount and you will be asked to register via the online security module that you received from your bank.
Apple Pay

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All mentioned prices include VAT.

We don't have a hard time. Log in with your e-mail address and password and click on "sent orders". You can then view, download and list all invoices of delivered orders (if desired).


The legal guarantee applies to our products. Legal guarantee means that a product is or must do what the consumer can reasonably expect from it. A factory warranty also applies to some products. This warranty does not affect the legal warranty.