The Good Wine X Made Blue

The Good Wine x Made Blue

A thousand times as much water with the wine.

Water with the wine? 1,000 times with The Good Wine. This new wine brand from the makers of The Good Roll is now available and with a lot of impact: in collaboration with Made Blue, every bottle of wine provides no less than a thousand times as much clean drinking water in developing countries. For example, 750 ml of organic wine provides 750 liters of clean drinking water elsewhere on earth.

Clean drinking water and hygiene for everyone

The availability of clean water, safe sanitary facilities and good hygiene is a fundamental human right. More than 785 million people on the planet, however, do not have access to clean drinking water. In practice, this means that especially women and girls have to walk on average 6 kilometers per day to get clean water. With less time for education, work or care for the family as a result.

Wouter Kohlmann from The Good Wine: "A grape drinks a lot of water on our organic vineyards in France, to ultimately deliver a delicious wine. For us, access to clean water is self -evident, but for others on earth it is different. With every glass, every bottle, 1,000 times each time to donate that volume as clean drinking water you will never drink alone again, and together we make a lot of impact ”.

750 liters

Every bottle of The Good Wine, 750ml, provides 750 liters of clean drinking water in developing countries. Machiel van Dooren, co-founder of Made Blue Foundation: “That not only sounds impressive, it is. For example, it is sufficient to provide a family in a developing country for a week with access to sufficient water and hygiene. And because polluted surface water no longer has to be cooked over open fire, 750 liters of clean drinking water also ensures a saving of at least 5 kilos of CO2 because a lot of firewood is saved. Good for people and the environment! ”

About The Good Wine

We are The Good Wine, together with Robert Eden the makers of 100% organic & vegan wine! Our mission: making the world a little better! How? By making good wine with a good story, with every bottle of wine sold we donate 750 liters of clean drinking water to communities in Africa.

Our wine is made without animal additives and during the process no chemical pesticides are used in the vineyards, so that we can safely state that we not only contribute to a better world, but also to better wine on the shelves!

About Made Blue Foundation

Made Blue goes for access to clean drinking water and hygiene for everyone. To achieve this, Made Blue makes water of water with two programs in an entrepreneurial way: Made Blue Water, the best water for the world for catering and at work, and a liter for a liter with which the water saving or consumption of companies , products or services are mirrored with the realization of the same amount of clean drinking water in developing countries.

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